How to Market Information Products

Information products are very popular in the world of internet marketing. They have virtually no production costs, as they only require the time needed to research and write the article. They can be outsourced for an incredibly small cost, though, if you’re not capable of creating one on your own.

They’re also appropriate for just about every niche you can imagine. You can create a recipe book, a guide to beating a video game, or even a system that is designed to help people win the lottery. As long as there is someone eager to learn the information that your information product will provide it’s possible to profit from it.

But creating them is the easy part. Marketing them is the hard part. In this guide, you’ll learn a few things that will help you create the most profitable information products you can imagine.

The Most Profitable Types of Information Products

There are two aspects to consider when determining how profitable an information product will be. The first is whether or not you actually have a viable market. If you’re sure that there are people out there who are willing to buy what you’ll create, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re hoping to create an information product without already having selected a niche, it can be a lot more challenging.

The three most profitable niches of all time are:

  1. Making money
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Romance and dating

By picking one of these niches you’re absolutely guaranteed to have a large potential market. You can also be relatively sure that your product will be saleable for years to come – if not indefinitely.

The second aspect is promoting a system or solution instead of just an “information product.” No one is going to buy a book called “Everything About Yeast Infections.” But if you put together “The Seven Day System to Eliminating Yeast Infections,” or “The Diet Solution That Prevents Yeast Infections Forever,” you’re going to make a bunch of sales.

Always frame your information product in terms of a system or solution.

Finding and a Niche and Marketing to Them

As stated above, there are some popular niches you can focus on if you don’t already have one of your own. But how do you actually put your product in front of those interested in your niche once you’ve selected it? The answer is actually relatively simple – use forums, chat rooms, message boards, and social networking sites.

While it might be difficult to find someone discussing a private problem on a social networking site, you can be sure that they’ll turn to forums and chat rooms to do so. The anonymity makes it completely risk free. By joining and participating in these communities you can generate traffic and interest in your product.

Converting Your Prospects into Customers

Again, the importance of presenting your product as a system or solution can’t be overstated. Whenever you discuss your information product be sure to discuss it in terms of the solution it provides. Alternatively, refer to it as “my system” or “the system.”

You see, people are eager to purchase something that will actually solve their problems. A book isn’t generally something people see as a solution to their problem. A book that describes a step-by-step process is, though. When you refer to your information product as a solution or system you’re indicating that it will solve their problems, thereby helping you convert more prospects into customers.

Earning on the Back End

There is something known as a onetime offer, or OTO. These are products that are offered to your customer while they’re completing the purchase of the primary product. If you can create or find products that may also be of interest to your target market, you can create an additional source of revenue.

What you’ll want to do, though, is make sure to discount the price of the onetime offer or bundle several different information products together. For both ethical and legal reasons you will have to ensure that it truly is a onetime offer, though. If you don’t you could face legal penalties and you’ll be seen as dishonest in the community.

Think of the onetime offer as a value meal at McDonalds. You can purchase it all together at a discounted price. But once you checkout you can’t come back and get your drink and fries at the lower rate unless you buy the burger again.