Information Product Creation: How To Be An Expert

Are you struggling to create your information product because you just don’t know if you have enough knowledge? In this article I shall show you how to become an expert very quickly.

There are 2 things about creating an information product that I want to talk about first.

You can create a product that is purely based on facts found by doing your own research or you can create a product based on research and your own personal experience.

People will pay more for first hand experience but they will also pay for having all the research done for them and presented in one place.

Therefore whether you have personal experience or not, you can still create an information product. In this article I shall show you how to get the knowledge you need to create a high quality product based on your doing your own research.

Buy Books

Think about a time when you needed to find out about something in detail. Maybe you were diagnosed with a specific condition like diabetes. You probably went out and bought a few books to get a clearer picture and broader knowledge on the subject.

You can use this approach for your information product. Once you have chosen your subject, read! Read around the subject. Read different books by different authors to build up a full picture of your topic.

Make notes of the important points and use that to write or record your information product.

Visit Forums

By going to forums in your niche you can find out some really helpful little bits of information that may not be so widely known. Enthusiasts often share their own advice and tips. Make notes of all the things that you learn that will be valuable to include in your product.

Spend A few Days In Your Library

Go to your nearest main library and spend a few days there going through all the books about the topic you are writing about. Make your own notes and decide the things that people need to know in order to solve a problem that your product is going to solve.

By doing this research you are able to compile the best and most useful information all in one place in a convenient way for someone to learn all they need to.

If you have any experience yourself then include that in your product as this will increase the value of the information you are providing by giving first hand experience.