Information Products That Are Very Easy To Create

Information products are easy to create. They some of the best kind of products that you can sell on the internet, and it’s something that you will want to get into if you want to make a good bit of money online. This is something that you can get started with without a wholesaler, dropshipper, inventory, or even a reseller’s license.

Nope, you can create your own information products all by yourself, and start profiting big time from it. Now if you don’t know how to create an information product and don’t know where to start, today’s lesson is for you. In this lesson, you will discover 2 quick and easy information products that you can create over a weekend – and sell for a high price online.

And if you’re still “fuzzy” about what an “information product” is, then you should know that it’s simply products that deliver information. They come in various formats, and I want to share with you 2 of these formats that are VERY cheap to reproduce, and very lucrative to start making money with. Here’s the first kind of information product that you can create:

1) Reports

Short reports are typically 20-30 pages long. They are the kind of introductory reports that sell for a relatively low price, and can build up your buyer’s list really quickly. The more of these you sell, the more quick customers you will get, and the more you can market to them with your backend products.

Backend sales will account for 80% of your total business profits. Generally if you sell a low priced item on the frontend, you will want to increase the price of your backend product – so that you can make more profits.

Once someone buys from you for the first time, it’s going to be less of a barrier to buy from you again. So reports are a great way to get customers fast, and are a great way to explode your backend sales. Here’s another information product you can sell:

2) Interviews

After recording your interview with a credible figure in your niche, you will want to determine whether or not you will want to promote it as a CD or DVD. I guess if you’re filming the interview also, you will want to create a DVD product from it also. Or you can simply do both, and sell the transcript of the interview as a bonus item.

Interviews are easy to conduct. You can use Skype, Powergramo, or just simply a regular camcorder to record your interview. It will probably be in your best interest to find someone to interview face-to-face. This is something that your niche will appreciate, and this can only boost your credibility if they see you on camera with a guru in your niche.

No matter which information product you go with, you can’t lose without any one of them. Information products such these types can be very profitable and lucrative, and with a good marketing strategy, you can earn a good income by selling them repeatedly.

Good luck with selling your information product online today.